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Preserving Pride: Exploring Our History

Come Out Seattle is dedicated to documenting, exploring, and preserving the dynamic LGBTQ+ history of our city, including community spaces such as bars, taverns, and social organizations.

Our aim is to ensure that our stories and history are not merely preserved but also celebrated, with personal narratives and memories, archived news stories/ads, and images playing a pivotal role in weaving this vibrant tapestry!

To kick off this initiative, The Seattle Gay Bar History Project will delve into the history of LGBTQ+ bars and taverns in Seattle, creating an archive of pictures and stories using an interactive map.

Garden of Allah Star Performers 1950 UW Digital Collection.jpg

Garden of Allah  1946-1956
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, SOC7421

Share Your Memories: A Call for Image and Story Submissions


We invite you to be a part of preserving and celebrating the rich and vibrant history of LGBTQ+  bars and taverns in Seattle by sharing your memories and visuals. Together, we aim to create a comprehensive collection that honors the legacy and significance of these spaces in our community.


Send us your stories and images. Whether you've got a collection of vintage photos, memories of unforgettable nights, or stories about the resilient individuals who shaped Seattle's historic gay bars, help us document this vital aspect of LGBTQ+ history.

Use the portal below or email us directly at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit contribution


  1. Please fill out the information below, and note that contact information is optional and you may submit anonymously.

  2. Please ensure that all image formats are either a PNG or JPEG and less than 10 MB each

  3. Please ensure that the image file name contains the name of the bar or tavern.

  4. You may upload up to 5 images per submission, multiple submissions welcome!

  5. You may also email your information and images directly to:
Upload Yor Images

Images have been uploaded when you see a check mark.

Your content has been submitted

Please note that all content on this website, including text, graphics, logos, and images are the property of Come Out Seattle and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use any content without our express written permission. For our full Terms of Use, please click HERE


Why Participate?

Preserve History: Ensure that the stories and images of our community's past are documented for generations to come.

Celebrate Diversity: Share the diverse experiences that make up the fabric of Seattle's LGBTQ+ history.

Honor the Trailblazers: Pay tribute to the individuals who bravely created safe spaces for our community.


Let's come together to weave a narrative that reflects the beauty, resilience, and joy of our LGBTQ+ community.


Your contribution matters!

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